Arts & Crafts: Toilet Roll Cats

Continuing with our Arts & Crafts segment, we have another fun activity to complete with your kids. This time, we teach you step-by-step to make these fun little cats. Kids can decorate them any way they want, adding paint, pen, pencil, sticker, glitter etc. We stuck to simple designs to help show you the basics, but let your kids go wild!

Step 1: Start by gathering your materials. You will need some toilet roll tubes, paper (white or coloured, depending what colour you would like the cat to be), a pencil, scissors, a black pen, coloured pens, and a glue stick.

Step 2: Lay a toilet roll tube about an inch into the paper, and then draw a line with your pencil about an inch past the other end of the roll, as below.

Step 3: Roll the toilet roll tube into the piece of paper until it is completely covered. Leave an extra centimetre or two and then draw another line with your pencil, as below.

Step 4: You should now be left with a rectangular shape on your paper, like below. Now, cut this out.

Step 5: Cover one side of this shape in glue.

Step 6: Now, wrap the toilet roll tube in the paper, leaving an inch on both sides of the roll.

Step 7: You should end up with the image below.

Step 8: Tuck the excess paper into the toilet roll tube to give the roll a nice, finished edge, like below.

Step 9: Now you are left with a white toilet roll tube. Now we have to create the cat ears by folding over the top of the tube one side at a time, as below.

Step 10: You’ve finished your cat shape, so now it’s time for some decorating! We simply drew different faces and added a tie, a jumper and a bow tie and glasses to our three cats! Give it a go and see what you can create!