Baby elephant’s big rescue!

In Cape Town recently an orphaned baby elephant had a rather big adventure with a storm drain!

The calf became trapped in what has been called a holding dam of the Phalaborwa Copper mine in Limpopo but which, as you can see from the video link, looks far more like a large drain.

Mine workers came to the rescue and freed the baby. He was a little weak and in need of rehydration so the team raced him to the nearest facility, the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC). The baby, now named Amanzi (meaning water in Zulu), is being treated by a veterinarian team with antibiotics and rehydration fluids. 

Elephant calves are notoriously difficult to rear, requiring precise nutrients in their milk and physical and emotional attachment, so the HESC team is working with the Elephant Alive organisation to work out the best solutions for Amanzi.

All fingers are crossed here at Drain Doctor