Another fine Drain Repair

Another day, another fine drain repair for Drain Doctor Worcestershire and West Midlands….

This time the repair was carried out in the quaint little town of Droitwich Spa. A spilt on the cast iron above ground drain meant that the below ground drain needed investigating. We used our clever CCTV drainage camera to investigate the structural condition of the drain pipe from a nearby manhole.

The footage showed that there were lots of cracks in the pipe close to the cast iron soil stack. Sometimes we would carry out a drain reline but some of the cracks on the drain were too severe to reline over and conceal. Instead, we decided to take to the shovels and excavate a fairly shallow trench and remedy this the old fashion way!

Once the old clay drain had been removed we replaced it with new PVC pipework. Plastic pipe is easier to install in difficult or tight spaces compared to clay; the weight of plastic is a lot less than clay, plus fitting it is usually easier with spigot and socket ends already on pipework. The couplings that are used to adjoin the plastic drain to the clay are flexible couplings that are easy to use as well, all you will need is a flat head screwdriver to tighten them.

Once the drain is in place supporting it is very important. Making sure the pipe has the proper granular fill surrounding it will allow the pipe to move when under load and not deform. If there is movement around the pipe and the drain has not been backfilled with the correct materials the pipe could become deformed.

Our technicians are always working around the clock repairing and unblocking drains as we are a genuine 24 – 7 business. No matter what time of day it is you can always rely on Drain Doctor Birmingham and Worcestershire to respond to your emergency – be it a drain that has blocked or a pipe that has sprung a leak! We have experts working 24 – 7 and we always callout for FREE!