Water Main Moling

Water main pipes that supply your home with clean water could be past their best. Take a look at this picture to the left: over a long period of time the inside of a galvanised or lead pipe can corrode and small bits of this could be restricting your pipeline and getting into your water system.

Drain Doctor Birmingham can install new water mains from the main supply pipe in the road to where the supply enters the property by using moling techniques. A small excavation is made so the impact mole, driven by compressed air, penetrates through the ground into another excavation. The mole creates a very smooth bore for the new MDPE pipe to be easily installed.

Aside from the two excavations this causes very little disruption and avoids a large trench being exposed across front gardens and driveways.

A customer in Malvern was the most recent recipient of our water main moling work and he was very grateful for the small amount of disruption it caused, this also saved his water bill so in the long term the repair will have paid for itself!