CCTV Drain Surveys and their Benefits

What is a CCTV drain survey?

CCTV drain surveys use cutting-edge camera equipment to view the inside of your pipes, with the video relayed to a television screen above ground. The camera can be controlled remotely, allowing your plumber to easily navigate your drains in order to locate the source of any blockages or damage that could cause problems to your property’s drainage system. Blocked drains can cause an endless array of problems if they aren’t dealt with quickly, leaving your home at risk of everything from unpleasant odours to leaks and even flooding.

Why would I need one?

There are numerous reasons why your property might require a CCTV drainage survey at some point. Over time, debris can gradually build up in your pipes, preventing water from flowing freely through them, while pipe scale, poor installation and heavy rainfall can leave them damaged and unsafe. In these cases, a CCTV survey offers a simple, cost-effective way of solving any drainage issues you have before the problem develops further. CCTV drain surveys can also be carried out as part of regular maintenance, preventing any build-ups that could cause blockages further down the line.

You may also need a CCTV drain survey ahead of a house move. You’re unlikely to notice a blocked or damaged drain when viewing a property, and you may find that by the time you’ve purchased your new home the issue has deteriorated further – potentially requiring expensive work. Conducting a CCTV drainage survey allows you to pre-emptively check for any underlying issues and request that the seller deal with the issue before you put in an offer.

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The advantages of CCTV drain surveys

While there are a wide array of traditional methods that claim to unblock your drains, they usually offer short-term results at best. Some methods, such as chemical cleaners, can even have a negative effect, damaging your pipes and leaving you with an expensive repair bill.

CCTV drain surveys provide a reliable and efficient way of keeping your drains clear in the long term. An experienced plumber can usually complete a survey in half an hour (dependent on the size of the drain), ensuring disruption to your everyday life is kept to a minimum. The use of high-tech cameras also removes the need for inconvenient and expensive digging work, saving time on unnecessary repairs.

Another advantage of CCTV drain surveys is that they allow for blockages and other issues to be diagnosed accurately. More basic drain clearance methods rely on a degree of guesswork based on what the plumber can see with their own eyes – cameras offer a detailed view of the pipework, allowing the plumber to see exactly where the issue lies and decide on an appropriate solution.

Drain jetting

Once the CCTV drain survey has analysed your pipes and located the source of the blockage, you can begin the process of clearing your pipes through drain jetting. This involves the use of high-pressure water jets, which will remove any blockages or stubborn encrustations from your pipes with ease.

This method is particularly useful for ridding your drains of grease and waste products, and the flexible hose can navigate through even the longest or deepest of pipes for quick and effective clearance.

How Drain Doctor CNW can help

Using CCTV drain surveys and drain jetting requires expertise, so it’s important that you know a drain clearance company you can trust – and that’s where we come in. Drain Doctor CNW is available across Chester, North Wales and Wirral, providing a round-the-clock service designed to meet even the most urgent of requirements. All of our plumbers are experienced in the use of CCTV drain surveys and drain jetting, so you can be sure you’re in the hands of people you can trust.

Our team of dedicated professionals pride themselves on providing a first-rate service at an affordable price. We always agree prices up front and there are no call-out charges, so you can rest assured you won’t receive any unpleasant surprises when you receive your bill.

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