Flood Hit Areas Should Ensure Drains Are Checked Regularly

Drain Repairs in Flooded Areas

Recent news surrounding the North Wales area has seen flood-hit residents in the area of Kinmel Bay take action against some of the deep potholes that are blighting the area as a result of floods. Flood damage has taken its toll on the residents of such areas, which to Drain Doctor, highlights the desperate need for regular maintenance of drains.

Irregular Water Flow

As with all areas that have an irregular flow of water, drains can struggle to cope with the sudden expectation put upon them. University towns, in particular, have very defined ‘busy periods’, which are controlled by the terms of their related university, and vulnerable flood areas suffer from the very same problems. Dealing with this issue means looking after drain systems when times are quiet.

How We Can Help

Drain Clearance

Regularly clearing drains and ensuring that they are well maintained during the dry months prepares drains for tougher times, namely the flood-heavy seasons. Taking the time to book a visit from Drain Doctor CNW is certainly not a major problem when compared to the time needed to fix and deal with the aftermath of flood damage.

CCTV Drain Surveys

CCTV Drain Surveys are the best way to be sure about what is affecting your drains. Taking the time to book a CCTV Drain Survey can ensure that your drains are clear and ready for heavy intakes of water, or identify work if it needs doing to make the correct preparations for the rainy season. All in all, it makes sense as a timesaving exercise but also as a long term cost-saving exercise. Mother nature will always present challenges, but the best manner of approaching such issues is in preparation.

Identifying the potential dangers of floods is an important exercise in these areas, and Drain Doctor CNW are here to help. If you would like to discuss emergency plumbing in the area, get in touch with your local Drain Doctor Chester, North Wales and Wirral team on 0808 301 9723 or use our contact form.