Spring Drainage Issues

The weather might be getting better, albeit rather slowly, but that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear when it comes to drainage problems. Although winter might be the toughest test for your drains, the spring brings its own range of unique challenges you need to prepare for. That makes the spring an excellent time to give your drains a little tender loving care. Not only can you inspect the drains for any problems caused during the winter, but you can also prepare for the springtime problems that lay ahead. Here is our rundown of some of the biggest springtime culprits…

Nuisance Roots

It’s lovely to see all those plants burst into life once again, but while it might look spectacular above the ground, below the surface there could be all sorts of issues going on. Plant roots can grow into pipes and lead to blockages and unpleasant smells. If unresolved, the roots can cause the ground to move, leading to a bellied drain or sunken pipework. In turn, this could cause further drain damage that means multiple drain joints need to be replaced. By conducting a CCTV Drain Survey inspection, this is one problem we can identify and solve with relative ease. Using a process called drain lining, we can create a new lining which is moulded into a damaged pipe to produce a stronger, tougher pipe wall. The process only takes a couple of hours and is certainly preferable to more comprehensive drain repairs.

April Showers

The British spring is also famous for the April showers that bring life to our gardens and lawns but also have the potential to cause serious problems to our drainage systems. The spring storms can wash all of the debris from the autumn and winter months away, with fallen leaves and other waste becoming compacted and causing blockages in our drains.

Springtime Scents That Are Less Than Fresh

You might associate the spring with those lovely fresh smells, but those aren’t the only scents you’ll be able to savour if you have a blocked drain. The warmer weather means that any blockages will become very whiffy, very quickly, so any unpleasant smells should be investigated immediately. In this case, a CCTV drain survey is the best way to detect blockages and leaks in a fast and affordable way.

A Leading Range of Solutions

If issues are identified, there are a number of cost-effective solutions that can be put in place. That includes repairs like rotary mechanical drain clearing to de-scale corroded drains and remove tree roots and other stubborn obstructions. Alternatively, our high-pressure water jetting service can be used to remove blockages and get your drains back in shape.

For more information about any of our spring drainage repairs, please get in touch with our team today.