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The sultry summer of 2018 aside, it’s fair to say the UK is never short of wet weather. And given that five of the UK’s six wettest years have come since 2000, it’s something we’re now getting more of than ever. While our gutters clearly have ever-increasing volumes of rain to deal with, they also have to contend with leaves, silt, litter and other debris, all of which can lead to blockages.

Gutters that are left uncleaned and unmaintained are at much greater risk of corrosion, blockages and leaks. The joints, outlets and ends are all particularly susceptible to failure, potentially leading to water ingress and structural damage, both of which can be costly to repair and cause significant disruption to your business.

Gutter cleaning solutions

At Drain Doctor, we provide a regular and ad-hoc commercial gutter cleaning service to reduce the risk of long-term damage to gutters, downspouts, the surrounding roofing and the structure of a property itself. Our experienced engineers use the Drain Doctor Guttervac, a specialist piece of equipment that allows us to see into and clean your gutters from the safety of the ground.

We can clear all gutters to a height of 12 metres without the need for a ladder, scaffolding or lift. That allows us to complete the work more quickly to keep your costs down. We can even show you your newly-cleaned gutter using the CCTV camera technology built onto the boom to provide complete peace of mind.

Gutter maintenance

Regular gutter maintenance should play an important part in the protection of your buildings. Inspections should be carried out at least twice a year if you have plastic guttering. The Metal Gutter Manufacturer Association recommends that inspections are conducted at least four times in the first year if you have industrial guttering. That will help to inform the future inspection and maintenance plan.

As well as cleaning your gutters, our experienced engineers look for signs of blocked downpipes, weak joints, corrosion and insufficient outlet capacity. Our engineers also carry all the equipment they need to complete an immediate repair in most cases, so we can get everything done in one trip.

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At Drain Doctor, we provide a professional and cost-effective gutter cleaning and maintenance service across the UK. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements with our team.



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