To add tasks to the Drain Doctor marketing queue simply email below:

[email protected]


Please remeber the below when adding a task, if all are not complete the task cannot be actioned:


  • The subject will be the task name
  • The email text will be the task description
  • All email attachments will be attached to the task
  • You can cc teammates, Josh or Eloise for their attention


Before submitting a request, please think:


  • Is there already something suitable in PrintDot?
  • Have you checked files and images?
  • Have you included any relevant passwords/ logins?
  • If about Google Business/ Maps, are links to locations included?
  • Have you included the franchisee's name and area?
  • Have you included a requested delivery date/ deadline?
  • Have you included all dimensions?
  • Have you stated if this request has wider appeal and you'd like it placed in PrintDot?


If your request is urgent, please submit a task and ring Josh to make him aware. We aim to turnaround requests in under 10 days.