Drain overload

We feel sympathy for the people of Sleaford in Lincolnshire. According to this report in the local paper manholes in their gardens regularly overflow with sewage.

The overflow happens after heavy rain and it is believed that new housing development in the area is to blame. As new houses are built they are connected to the old Victorian sewers in the village. The sewers are not able to cope with the increased load from the new housing.

Local residents have called for an upgrade to local infrastructure.

Of course unblocking drains is good business for us but there are some things that homeowners can do to mitigate pressure on drains and hopefully avoid problems like those in Sleaford.

  • Don’t flush wet wipes and heavy tissue paper down the loo – bin it
  • Don’t pour oils and fats down sinks and drains – find a suitable receptacle for old oil and put it in the bin
  • Report problems with sewers to your water company
  • Remember – you are responsible for the maintenance of drains on your property