Donating Our Drainage Services To A Local Cheltenham Family For DIY SOS

The team at Drain Doctor Gloucestershire has been incredibly humbled by the recent experience of donating drainage services to a local Cheltenham family, the Chapmans, for BBC’s DIY SOS. The family, through no fault of their own, were living under increasingly difficult circumstances and had previously attempted to renovate their home to improve their quality of life – however, when circumstances worsened, they were forced to abandon any build projects. Thankfully, the DIY SOS team were able to help and we were quick to volunteer our services.

The program, which will be broadcast later in the year, saw us carry out a CCTV drain survey of all the drain lines in and around the property and then provide a report to enable the planners to decide if any further drainage work was needed prior to any major works taking place. Fortunately, there was no complications or repairs that needed doing.

Carl Butterfield, owner of Drain Doctor Gloucestershire said: “It’s fantastic and very humbling to have played a part in this building project and I’m grateful to my technician, Tom Gibbons, for his dedication and thoroughness in undertaking the work. The Big Reveal was very emotional for everyone and it was great to meet the Chapman family who are now able to start rebuilding their lives thanks to the army of local tradespeople involved.”

We attended the Big Reveal on 20th February to welcome the well-deserved family into their new home. They also had the opportunity to meet the Chapman family, as well as Nick Knowles and the DIY SOS team.

Drain Doctor and DIY SOS in Cheltenham

This wasn’t the first time Drain Doctor Gloucestershire have volunteered on DIY SOS, with our team helping on three other occasions. Twice we volunteered outside of our territory, once in St Ives and once in Barnstaple, and then a little closer to home in Weston Super Mare. We’re also not the only franchise that has helped out on DIY SOS, with other franchises across the company willing to donate their services wherever they can! As a nationwide company, we are only too happy to continue to offer our service to the show to help out those families that need their home given a new lease of life.

Drain Doctor and DIY SOS in Barnstaple Drain Doctor and DIY SOS in Carbis Bay Drain Doctor and DIY SOS in Weston Super Mare

Each time we’ve assisted with the prebuild drainage survey and have not found any issues to date, so no follow up work was required.

In December 2019, DIY SOS was awarded an honorary BAFTA and we were invited to attend, it was a great event and very humbling to see how so many lives are positively affected by the work the DIY SOS team and the army of volunteers do.

DIY SOS winning a BAFTA