Hear What Our Recent Customers Have to Say About Our Work…

“I have been very impressed by the professionalism and care that Drain Doctor has taken with every one of my drain problems. They always go the extra mile. If they come to fit a drain manhole cover, for example, they investigate the whole drain, clean it, check it to make sure the drain, all the way back to the house from the pavement is running sweetly.”

Mary Brazil

9th January 2019

“Every time we've encountered problems with our Septic Tank, Drain Doctor have been beyond helpful. Most recently with a broken belt a few days before christmas. Andy came straight away and the whole thing was fixed as quickly as possible. Incredible service and aftercare - thank you”

Tania DS

4th January 2019

Fantastic service.

“Mr Fantastic service. The only emergency plumber I could find who could actually do it the same day, which is what you’d hope an emergency plumber would do! Andy was fantastic and worked through till we found the problem. The cost was reasonable too.”

Mr. D.P

3rd January 2019

“Called drain doctors due to a slow draining bath and toilet. They got the issue seen to within a few hours by their colleague Andrew price who checked out at the problem and removed the blockage at the inspection Point. Even plunged the bath and cctv’d the pipes to ensure nothing remained. Would highly recommend.”

Powler 29

28th December 2018

“Drains backing up so we called the Drain Doctor - the Saturday before Christmas. Andy Price came (sooner than expected!), sussed out the problem - massive blockage in the manholes - and sorted it all out rapidly and smoothly. A huge feeling of relief - and many thanks to Andy for his prompt and friendly service. I thoroughly recommend the Drain Doctor and Andy Price in particular.”

Philip Cole

22nd December 2018

“Andy Price came to clear drains in a relatively inaccessible place at the rear of the house, and did a 1st class job over two hours”

charles dumas

21st December 2018

“Great service, knowledgeable technician who not only unblocks drains but also does preventative work and advises on how to avoid having to use Drain Doctor again!”

Paul Gibson

20th December 2018

“Called on a Monday morning to clear a blocked toilet. Despite being short of staff due to illness and, initially, unable to help same day, they phoned back within an hour and had found a way to help. The same morning, Pete Woodhouse cleared the blockage with a minimum of fuss. Great service - recommended!”

Chris K

3rd December 2018

“Full Soakaway and Tricel water treatment plant - This job took a lot of planning and from the start Technician Pete Woodhouse was helpful, friendly and always answered all our queries. Once the job got underway he carried out the work without any fuss. It was an efficient and extremely well run job. We were very impressed and would definitely Recommend”

Alex Wheeler

15th November 2018

“I called Drain Doctor having realised there was a blockage somewhere in the drain system and having no idea how to start to deal with it! The service was friendly and professional from initial contact to completion of the job. Andy Price attended promptly, identified the issue, explained the cost, sorted the problem and offered some advice. Excellent service, thank you.”

Lisa Williams

8th November 2018