Limescale Toilet Blockage in Harlow

Location: Harlow

Job: Toilet would not empty when flushed

Action: When we took the phone call for the toilet blockage the owners of the home suspected that a grandchild had flushed a toy down the toilet, something that we see often. However, upon our initial investigation, we could not identify any foreign substance in the pipe, not even the most common object we see – a bleach block.

To investigate further we needed to wet vac to empty the pipe and then use the latest CCTV drain inspection tools to get a better look inside the drainage system. We could only see a standard build-up of limescale which was nothing out of the ordinary.

With two possible problems eliminated, we decided to move into the newly fitted bathroom in the adjoining room. Access to the soil pipe from the toilet was blocked by a vanity unit, so we had to carefully detach the unit. With full access to the pipe, the problem quickly became apparent.

In this two-meter pipe, limescale had completely overrun and made it virtually impossible for wastewater to flow away. Using our cable machines and pressure jetter we spent several hours working on the limescale, gradually chipping away at it to free the pipe.

With the pipe cleared and tested we restored the adjoining bathroom to exactly as we found it. The limescale we collected weighed in at just over 60kg!

The build-up of limescale will happen over time, and whilst your pipes seem to be fully functional, one day they can just cease working. If this happens, give us a call for an estimate and a time that we can come out to your property.

Harlow Bathroom Soil Pipe

Limescale Build Up in Harlow Toilet Pipe