Domestic Gutter Clean – Beaconsfield

“The technicians were prompt and courteous. They used a sophisticated vacuum and video system to clean and inspect our guttering and didn’t leave any mess behind. I would highly recommend this company”  Mrs C. – Beaconsfield

Drain Doctor High Wycombe were recently booked to clean the guttering at a residential property in the Beaconsfield area.

Technicians arrived at the property in good time for the appointment and explained how the Guttervac system worked, answering any questions that the client had.

With a telescopic boom capable of reaching guttering at heights of up to 12m, Guttervac is a high-powered vacuum system that collects debris as it cleans, all from the safety of ground level.

Guttervac gutter cleans are usually carried out quicker than traditional gutter cleans as there is no need to use ladders or scaffolding to reach the guttering.

Also equipped with a high-resolution video camera, Guttervac allows Drain Doctor technicians to check for damage or potential issues as the gutter clean is underway.

In this instance there were no defects identified and the gutter clean was completed without the need for further work.

The client was delighted with the service that she received from Drain Doctor High Wycombe and with the efficiency of the Guttervac equipment.

At Drain Doctor High Wycombe we aim to leave every customer feeling satisfied that they have received the best possible service both in terms of the quality of our work and the customer service that we offer.

For further information about our gutter clean appointments we would invite you to call our High Wycombe office on 08083 019 709 to speak to our friendly office staff.

It’s a great day at Drain Doctor.