Just what was needed to ensure profits rise and prove that hard work pays off!

Juan and Yvonne Muntaner who run the Nottingham franchise have just carried out a CCTV survey for a well-known bakery.  In fact, it was none other than the Hovis bakery, famous not only for its excellent bread but also its memorable advertisements.

This proved to be slightly different than their daily ‘bread and butter’ emergency work but helped them on their way to their annual personal best weekly turnover for their Nottingham franchise.
This follows on from their recent annual personal best for their Peterborough franchise and just proves that hard work pays off.

Juan and Yvonne also recently reported that they have expanded their business and taken on a new technician and another fully-equipped van to the fleet, plus recruited a part-time drainage technician and new member for the office staff.

The business is certainly on the rise!