Commercial Kitchen Drain Cleaning in London

Restaurants need regular drain cleaning to ensure that a build-up of fat, debris, grease and anything else does not occur. Without free-flowing drains, restaurants are not able to properly function which ultimately means a loss in business.

We provide a regular maintenance service to many restaurant chains in London, often conducting a thorough drain clean overnight to avoid disruption to the service the business provides. Aside from the kitchen drains, we also provide a service to the toilet plumbing systems to prevent flooding.

Pubs and restaurants are particularly susceptible to experiencing these problems as they get used by the public most often. Business owners who don’t regularly maintain their drainage systems are then struck by a major event within their plumbing which causes unpleasant smells and a risk to public health and safety.

Another issue we often see is a blocked aco. Particularly in the autumn and winter months when leaves and debris can get washed down the drain by the increased rainfall. We will provide a rodding service to ensure your outside areas remain flood-free.

Get in touch with us today if you would like to speak about setting up a regular maintenance service for your establishment.

Kitchen Maintenance in London Restaurant

Aco Drain Unblocking

Before and After Blocked Aco