Drainage Maintenance For London Museum

As part of the Planned Preventative Maintenance service Drain Doctor provides to many businesses around the country, each franchise gets to visit some exceptional places and some locations stand out for their beauty and heritage. At Drain Doctor London Central, we are very privileged to have recently provided drainage maintenance to a very special museum in London. For this museum, being able to welcome thousands of visitors every month means needing an efficient plumbing and drainage system that they can rely on each and every day. Not just this, but they rely on the drainage to be thoroughly cleaned so that visitors never experience foul smells or unhygienic restrooms.

On our most recent visit to this historic site, we provided essential cleaning works both internally and externally. Some of the routine services we provide through our Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) include:

  • Urinal & toilet pipework unblocking and cleaning
  • Internal & external drain work
  • Gutter cleaning and repair work
  • Emptying grease traps & maintenance
  • Descaling pipework
  • Clearing drains

Every business and building is unique in its plumbing and drainage requirements, which is why we look to tailor a package to suit. One of the most common benefits of PPM is the significant reduction in emergency callouts needed to your site. With our regular visits, we can discover and quickly fix any issues starting to develop. This, in turn, reduces the disruption on your site and minimises the risk of business downtime to fix the problem.

Get in touch with us today if you think we can help your business with Planned Preventative Maintenance.

Drain Doctor Van Outside London Museum