Seasonal Drain Work: Cleaning Roof Gullies

At Drain Doctor London Central we provide Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) for a lot of commercial clients. Often these sectors include construction, housing associations, letting agents, facilities management, pubs and restaurants, and they know that PPM is essential for the smooth running of their business. We recently conducted a preventative clean up of the gullies and valleys on the roof of a hotel in London to prevent the risk of future disturbance brought on by falling leaves.

What is Planned Preventative Maintenance?

Simply put, it is a scheduled routine inspection of the drainage, plumbing, guttering and grease traps of a property. Rather that waiting for an incident to occur and then having to pay out for expensive repair bills, business owners look to us to pre-empt problems and then deploy the best fix at the earliest opportunity.

  • The benefits of PPM are compelling:
  • Reduce emergency callouts
  • Minimise business downtime and disruption
  • Stay the right side of health and safety legislation
  • Reduce the risk of unpredictable weather causing problems
  • Maintain infrastructure in a cost-effective way
  • Manage your budget more efficiently

What is involved in Planned Preventative Maintenance?

Each business we see has unique plumbing and drainage requirements so we offer an initial free inspection which will help us design and then implement maintenance on a schedule that works best for you. Work may include:

  • Urinal and toilet pipework
  • Internal and external drains
  • Guttering and roof gullies
  • Grease trap maintenance
  • Descaling of pipework
  • Clearing drains leading to soakaways

Get in contact with Drain Doctor today

If you think your business would benefit from planned maintenance, give us a call. We can implement maintenance at times that suit you, including, monthly, quarterly, twice-yearly, or annually.

This hotel client knows that in Autumn, the leaves begin to block the roof gullies and valleys which could evolve into internal leaking which would cost a lot of money to the business. By providing planned maintenance seasonally, we can eradicate this problem and allow the business to continue to function as normal.

Cleaning Roof Gullies at London Hotel