The Effects of Closing a Business Down on Your Drainage System

It is never good when you’re forced to close down your business for any length of time. As a business owner, you face the prospect of paying staff without income, paying rent without income, ensuring your reputation doesn’t suffer, and maintaining your building so that when you can go back to work everything works as it normally should.

Restaurant and Hotel Drainage Issues

When a restaurant or hotel has been shut for a while any debris still within the system will start to solidify. Any fat or grease that has somehow managed to make its way into your drainage system will also go hard causing a blockage. When the drainage system is used again blockages are quite common and can set back your business even further backwards. 

Drain Doctor Technician removing grease from a pipe

Whilst we don’t recommend making unnecessary journeys into your workplace to flush the drainage system, we would recommend that shortly before you decide it is time to reopen your business you carry out a series of checks on the plumbing and drainage. Flushing your toilet, running the taps or using the shower is a good way to quickly identify if there are any hidden problems. 

Though this method is not guaranteed to let you know if you have a potential blockage. If you have experienced hardening in the drainage system, it may not be at a critical stage until 6 months later where consistent debris and wastage has clung onto the hardened area of the pipes and overtime has caused an even bigger blockage. 

Alternatively, you could call a professional drain company to come in and expertly flush the system with high-pressure water jets or other electro-mechanical machinery. This could save you hundreds of pounds on repairs in the future and ensure your business suffers no downtime too.

Drain Jetting

Essential Drainage Company in London

If you’re looking for an expert drainage company in London to look after the drainage system in your business, then get in touch with us. We can organise pre-planned maintenance throughout the year to ensure your drainage systems are always in the best condition, plus we can quickly spot any problems and deal with them before they become a serious and expensive issue in the future.

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