How To Prevent Blocked Drains Due to Autumn Leaves

For most people, October signals the start of Autumn, a time of preparation for the cold winter, a time of Halloween celebration, colour changes in the trees, and seasonal coffees at your favourite coffee shop. For those working in the plumbing and drainage industry however, October and Autumn only mean one thing – fallen leaves blocking drains!

We’ve been unblocking drains for a very long time and have some handy tips to help prevent your outdoor drains from getting clogged up this year.

Visually Check Your Drains

Adding to your list of chores unfortunately, the very best thing you can do to minimise the damage caused by fallen leaves is to pick them up! It doesn’t have to be every day but scooping them up and putting them in your compost bin or garden waste bin will stop those leaves working their way into your drainage systems.

Purchase A Drain Guard

Investing in a device to place over your drain that only allows water to flow through is a really good way of catching debris and leaves. You will still need to pick out the debris that doesn’t go through your drain as you may find that this becomes blocked and the area around your drain begins to flood. This will be a temporary problem that you’ll quickly be able to resolve.

Trim Trees and Bushes

Get ahead of the game and trim the trees and bushes on your property to stop the avalanche of leaves falling. It’s a lot of work in one go, but hopefully it will save you lots of time throughout the season!