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Struggling to Deal with Blocked Drains in Southport?

Over time, it is possible for blocked drains in Southport to cause serious, long-term problems. Blockages can not only be irritating to deal with, they can also cause serious property damage. If you’re struggling to deal with blocked drains in Southport and the surrounding areas, the Drain Doctor Southport team is here for you.

Here at Drain Doctor Southport, our drainage experts can resolve a variety of domestic and commercial drainage issues. Our professional team can work to clear blocked drains across your property and ensure your system works as intended. Whatever kind of drainage issue you’re dealing with, our engineers are here to help.

With many years’ experience in clearing blocked drains, you can trust our team to eliminate any blockage. We have access to industry-leading equipment, which allows us to identify and break apart any blockages within your pipes. Using CCTV technology, we’ll be able to investigate your drains and identify the exact location of your blockage.

What Causes Blocked Drains in Southport?

Drainage systems are naturally hard-wearing. They are designed to resist all kinds of damage and ensure that your waste is disposed of. However, they can still become the victims of blockages. This can be due to unsuitable waste, or even changes in the local environment. If a drainage system is required to deal with too much waste, or is regularly worked over-capacity, it can lead to a range of serious issues. This can include the drain itself becoming blocked.

Having to deal with unsuitable waste is one of the most common causes of blocked drains across the UK. These waste types will commonly stick to the interiors of your pipes. From there, they can capture other types of waste and force them to remain in place. This can lead to serious blockages which can develop quickly or over time.

Some of the most common unsuitable materials which are often disposed of in domestic and commercial drainage systems include:

  • Solid Food Waste
  • Fats, Oils and Greases (FOG) Waste
  • Soap Scum and Cleaning Agents
  • Kitchen Towels, Baby Wipes and Wet Wipes
  • Feminine Products

Most commercial and domestic drains can deal with these materials for many years without visible issues. This is largely due to the intelligent design of drainage systems. However, if you continue to dispose of these materials in your drainage system, they will eventually lead to blocked drains. That’s where you need a team of drain clearance experts to clear these blockages.

Natural Causes of Blocked Drains in Southport Properties

In addition to misuse, there are several issues which can lead to blocked drains and may be out of your control. Just some of the natural blockages in your drainage system can include:

  • Tree Root Intrusions
  • Rat and Vermin Infestation
  • Natural Material Build-Up, including Leaves and Mud

The presence of these natural materials in your drainage system can all lead to serious blockages. When these issues do develop, they are often a sign that there is something serious wrong with your drains. In addition to blocked drain clearance, you may also require drain repair or even lead pipe replacement services.

What are the Risks of Blocked Drains in Southport?

If your system is left to deal with serious blockages, it can lead to a variety of serious problems. These concerns can also be of varying severities, depending on the strength of blockage. A total blockage will cause serious problems to develop across throughout your system. Even partial blockages need to be resolved as they can evolve into total blockages.

Some of the most serious issues that blocked drains in Southport can cause are:

Increased Pressure Throughout Your System, leading to:

  • Burst Pipes
  • Cracks and Fractures
  • Loosened Pipe Connections
  • Flooding Across Your Property
  • Backwash of Waste Through Your Drains
  • Standing Water Within Your Pipes

These serious issues can lead to a variety of health hazards. In some cases, this can cause domestic and commercial properties to become unsafe for habitation. Blocked drains in Southport can also cause long-term property damage. Issues like damp and mould, or even sinkage, can be extremely costly to repair.

Drain Unblocking Services in Southport

Here at Drain Doctor Southport, our experienced team are able to deliver a range of unblocking services. We can work with you to ensure commercial, domestic and industrial drainage systems deliver a reliable service. Our drain unblocking projects will begin with a high-quality CCTV drain survey.

Thanks to our industry-leading CCTV technology, we’re able to quickly and easily identify issues within your drainage system. Whether you’re looking for the materials which make up the blockage, or you need to know its exact location, our CCTV services are absolutely essential.

When it comes to breaking a blockage apart, our team will employ two main methods. These are:

  • High-Pressure Water-Jetting
  • Drain Rodding

High-Pressure Water-Jetting for Blocked Drains in Southport

Here at Drain Doctor Preston, we can eliminate blockages of all kinds using high-pressure water-jetting. Our drainage experts will force water into your system at a high-pressure. This water will then break the blockage apart and ensure that it is carried throughout the system. High-pressure water-jetting in Southport is also essential for cleaning your drain’s interiors.

High-pressure water-jetting needs to be carried out by an experienced operator. Otherwise, this technique can cause damage to your system or even contribute towards your drainage issues. If the pressure is too high, it can damage the interiors of your pipes. Too low and the water may fail to break the blockage apart. With nowhere to go, this water can increase the pressure in the system and even lead to flooding.

Drain Rodding for Blocked Drains in Southport

Our team can employ drain rodding to manually break blockages apart. These rods are designed to be flexible and, as such, can be easily manoeuvred through your drainage system. This means we can easily target the blockage and break it apart. Our engineers will insert the rod’s head into the blockage and push or pull until it comes apart.

Suffering from Blocked Drains in Southport? Call Drain Doctor’s Team Today!

Here at Drain Doctor Southport, our experienced team of drainage experts can eliminate all kinds of blockages. We can provide the same high-quality drain unblocking service to homes and businesses across Southport and the surrounding areas.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team today. You can reach our professional team directly by calling us on 08083 019 711. Alternatively, send your questions or concerns through our simple online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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