CCTV Drain Repair & Repair in Oxford

Earlier this week we visited a property in Oxford after reports of a blocked drain. When we arrived at the property it was clear to see that the drain was heavily blocked with mud, leaves and debris. It is easy to think that the blocked drain was a cause of the mud, leaves and debris, but often the build-up is a consequence of internal damage to the pipes.

We were able to clear the blockage easily but wanted to investigate the drains further to see if this problem was likely to return in the future.

What we found after a CCTV Drain Inspection, was defects in the pipes. Some joints had displaced, and the pipes had started to crack. Thankfully we caught this early, so were able to provide a simple repair.

Before: showing cracked pipe

Damaged Pipe

After: showing repaired pipe

Repaired Pipe

At Drain Doctor Oxford we can provide a CCTV Survey to identify several different drainage issues including blockages, leaks, corrosion, wear and tear, collapsed drains, and signs of poor installation.

If you have a blockage that you cannot get rid of, give us a call today!