Effective Gutter Cleaning With SkyVac

One of the most common callouts we receive at this time of year is blocked guttering and downpipes. Whilst this problem can occur at any point during the year, we find that in Autumn, falling leaves and increased rainfall contribute very highly.

Since your guttering is so high up, visually you may never notice any problem with it. Chances are you walk past it every day and just assume that rainwater is flowing away from the property with ease. However, this may not be the case.

A build-up of dry leaves in the guttering is inevitable in Autumn, and when dry they pose very little risk of flooding, however, as soon as the rain starts to fall, the leaves become soggy and mulch up. They then get forced through the downpipe which could cause a blockage that you cannot see.

Even if that happens the real obvious problem may not manifest for several weeks or months. That is until disaster strikes, you have rainwater gushing over the top of the guttering which is flooding your garden. It has started to seep into your home creating damp, mould and mildew.

Gutter Cleaning With Oxford Drain Doctor

Thankfully we can provide a regular or ad-hoc gutter cleaning service to minimise the risk of this happening. We are fully trained and experienced in the SkyVac, a specialist piece of equipment that allows us to see into your gutters and clean them from the safety of the ground.

Without the use of a ladder or scaffolding, we can reach up to a height of 12 metres. We will even produce footage of your gutters for you to show you your clean gutters. This should give you peace of mind until next Autumn at least!

If you are worried about your gutters or can’t remember the last time you had them checked, give us a call today!