Home Buyers Survey in Oxfordshire

After the typical summer lull in the housing market, September represents a turning point in the year when house sales start to pick back up. Unfortunately, this also means that the number of people moving into properties with pre-existing drainage issues goes up too.

As a home buyer looking for their perfect home you want to feel confident moving into the property, and with the full knowledge that nothing is out of the ordinary in the property. Often overlooked is the drainage, but, existing drainage problems that are unknown can develop into more serious issues further down the line. At Drain Doctor, we want to ensure that no new homeowner moves into a property without the full picture.

If you are planning to buy a property, we highly suggest you give us a call to perform a survey of the property. The survey will consist of a non-intrusive CCTV Drain Survey which will check the full drainage system for blockages, leaks, displaced joints, any root ingress, corrosion, cracked and collapsed drains, and signs or poor installation.

If we identify any of the problems described above, we will suggest the most appropriate action but will not push you into getting the issue resolved. If you plan on continuing with the purchase of the property, any drainage work we suggest would save you potentially thousands of pounds in repair work later.

We are also happy to work with letting agents and vendors ensure that the sale of your property isn’t delayed by damaged drains.

See the leaflet below for prices.

Home Buyers Survey Oxfordshire


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