Radiators Not Working After Summer?

Whilst summer 2019 wasn’t as exciting as 2018, and we certainly didn’t see the long heatwaves of previous years – it was hot enough to avoid putting the heating on for several months. Now that October has arrived, the rain is washing us out and the cold is slowly starting to seep into our homes you may be reaching the point of turning your heating back on. We notice an increase in calls for radiator and heating issues!

What happens when you discover that your radiators don’t work?

Radiator Maintenance

A very simple step that can be taken to try and get your radiators working once again is to bleed them. Bleeding will release trapped air within the radiator and will allow heat to evenly distribute. Very simply, to bleed a radiator, get the radiator warm and then turn off the heating, then insert the special bleed key and turn it. You should start to hear air being released followed by a small amount of water. Close the valve and run the cold water to balance the pressure.

Boiler Maintenance

The lifespan of a boiler is around 10 years, any older and professionals will recommend investing in a replacement. An older boiler will be less energy efficient and tracking down parts for the product may get harder. If your radiators aren’t performing as they once were, it could be the fault of the boiler.

Seek Professional Help

If you are only just starting to see issues seek professional help now! As time goes on your problems will only get worse, the weather will get colder, demand for an engineer or technician will increase and you’ll be stuck with a broken radiator and heating system longer than you should.

At Drain Doctor Oxford we’re happy to help you with fixing a leaking radiator issue, but if the problem stems from the boiler we’ll gladly recommend an engineer for you!

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