The Importance of a CCTV Drain Survey

We recently visited a property on the outskirts of Oxford for what we thought would be a routine blockage clearance. The customer, who had had several companies visit the property to unblock the drain was repeatedly left frustrated to find the blockage returning without a reason why. That’s when we stepped in.

Sending Darren and new starter Stanley to the property firstly to unblock the drain, and then to use our state-of-the-art CCTV Survey equipment to investigate the drains. They then quickly identified a section of the pipe had broken and dislodged. Without treatment, the problem would persist. Had the homeowner known about this broken pipe after the first plumbing and drainage company visited then they would not have been forced to pay for numerous unblocking services. This is why more often than not, we will perform a CCTV Survey to understand exactly what the cause of the drainage issue was – it is no good just unblocking a drain, it is far better to repair or replace anything that is broken.

Darren and Stanley identified the exact location this pipe was broken and began work on excavating this area to put in a replacement piece of pipe. They also noticed and replaced the broken manhole cover too. As our way of ensuring the customer got the very best service possible from us, we gave her a 12-month warranty of the drain and a 10-year warranty on the repair work. The customer is delighted with the work carried out, delighted with the warranty, and knows that if there is ever another drainage issue in their home, they can call Drain Doctor anytime.

Broken Manhole Cover Fixed Manhole Cover

CCTV Drain Survey Broken Pipe Work