Was it a Christmas Miracle?

Christmas Eve often sees the highest attendance of the year for churches, with Midnight Mass the most popular service for whole families to attend together. This is why, when St Mary’s C of E Church in Witney discovered that all their toilets were blocked, there was definitely cause for concern. With an expected congregation of 500 church-goers turning up in just a few hours, the church needed a plumbing company who could respond quickly. On a day when most call-out services and businesses are closed, it could have been a disaster.

Christmas Eve Blocked Toilet Call Out Oxford
Josh, one of our Oxford Drain Doctor Technician, was called to St Mary’s C of E Church in Witney on Christmas Eve

When we say Drain Doctor is an emergency plumbing service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we mean it. When St Mary’s Church gave us a call late morning, we were quick to respond and ease their worries. Luckily, our drain technician, Josh, was already at another local plumbing job just down the road from the church and managed to get there quickly to be able to fix their blocked toilets issue in plenty of time. When the congregation of 500 church-goers turned up, the service went ahead as planned and nobody was any the wiser that just a few hours earlier there had been a plumbing emergency. It’s no Christmas miracle, I’m afraid, just the usual quick response from the Oxford Drain Doctor team.

So when you’ve got a plumbing or drainage problem, even in an emergency at a time or day of the year when you think nobody will be able to help, give your local Drain Doctor team a call and we’ll be there to help.

Blocked toilets fixed at church on Christmas Eve
Josh was happy to have fixed those blocked toilets in time for the Christmas Eve Service