Preparing Your Business For Life After Lockdown

At the time of writing we are still under a nationwide lockdown and many business buildings have been left vacant for over 6 weeks. With the government informing us that we are past the peak of the virus it is looking likely that we are closer to returning to work than we are the start of the lockdown. But what kind of building and office will you return to?

Potential Drainage Issues

For any drainage system that has not been active for a prolonged period of time there is a risk that debris within the pipework will begin to solidify on the walls of the pipes. When the drainage system is reengaged further debris going down the drain could cause a blockage or get stuck to the hard debris. Whilst we do not suggest you attend your office or business building unnecessarily, we would recommend that when a date has been set for going back to work that someone attends the property to flush the systems to ensure that there has been no blockages in the time off. If caught early, we can attend the property to provide a drain unblocking service in time for your staff to return.

Preparing Your Business For Return

When your staff are looking to return to work, how can you provide peace of mind that the environment they are coming back to is a safe and hygienic one? At Drain Doctor Peterborough, we can offer a deep clean of your internal plumbing and facilities. Arrange an appointment with us, and we will send a technician to your premises to clean your sinks, toilets, urinals, and gullies as well as flushing through the plumbing to check for signs of blockages. Typically we can clean your premises and provide peace of mind within half a day, providing further problems are not discovered. This proactive response will help to ensure your business can get the ground running again as soon as the lockdown is lifted.

To arrange an appointment please give us a call on 08083 019 720 or visit our contact page.