Cesspit Emptying, Maintenance & Installation

Properties that are not connected to the mains sewer can choose to remove the waste that’s produced in a number of different ways. Septic tanks, sewage treatment plants and cesspits are all potential options. Unlike septic tanks and sewage treatment plants, a cesspit does not treat the sewage in any way; instead, all the sewage is held in the tank. That means cesspits have to be emptied much more frequently. They are also more prone to clogging, so regular cesspit maintenance is an essential consideration.

At Drain Doctor, we specialise in the installation, emptying and maintenance of cesspits. We ensure you not only have the most suitable solution for your property but can also provide regular maintenance and cleaning to keep your cesspit flowing freely.  

Cesspit installation

A cesspit should not be your first choice drainage solution. In most cases, septic tanks or sewage treatment plants should be used as the regular maintenance and emptying of a cesspit makes it less cost-effective. However, if water cannot be discharged through the ground or a ditch and all other options for drainage at the property have been explored, a cesspit will be necessary to store the waste ready for removal.

Cesspit installation consists of a cylindrical chamber of around 1 metre in diameter that’s placed 2-3 metres underground. The tanks are typically designed to hold 45 days of wastewater. The cesspit will also be fitted with an alarm to inform you when the tank is full.

Cesspit maintenance

We offer a cesspit maintenance service which we undertake once the cesspit has been emptied. That will allows us to give the cesspit a full clean, service and repair as required. As cesspit pipes are prone to clogging, we also give it a good wash with our high-pressure water jets to remove any blockages and make sure everything is flowing freely.

Cesspit emptying

Cesspit emptying can only be carried out by a licensed waste disposal contractor. Typically, cesspits need to be emptied every 45 days, although your cesspit alarm will inform you when it’s ready to be emptied. At Drain Doctor, we can empty your cesspit on an ad-hoc basis at a time that suits you or at regularly scheduled intervals to reduce the risk of blocked pipes or an overflow.

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Our expert engineers are highly trained and experienced in installing, emptying and maintaining cesspits of every size. We can handle the project from initial contact through to completion and work with you on an ongoing basis to increase the functionality of your unit and avoid breakdown. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.   

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