Septic Tank Installation

The majority of the sewage from UK homes and businesses passes directly into drains and sewage pipes, where it is transported to central treatment plants. However, not all properties are connected to the mains sewer, particularly older properties and those in rural areas. In that case, the sewage from your home will flow directly into a septic tank, sewage treatment plant or cesspit that is installed outside your property.

Your septic tank may not always be at the forefront of your mind, but there are a number of factors you must consider to stay on the right side of the law and keep your septic tank working efficiently.

How does a septic tank work?

Rather than flowing into the drain, through the sewage pipe and on to a central treatment plant, the sewage travels directly from your property to the septic tank. There, the solids are broken down by a bacterial action and must be removed periodically. The wastewater is treated and semi-purified before it passes into a soakaway or leach field where it is dispersed into the surrounding soil.

Our septic tank services

At Drain Doctor, we provide a range of septic tank installation and maintenance services to make sure you have an appropriate system for your needs and to keep it working efficiently.

  • Septic tank installation – We specialise in the design and installation of new septic tank systems, advising you on the most appropriate size and location for your tank.
  • Septic tank maintenance – Our septic tank engineers are also experienced in making repairs to existing tanks, including the replacement of associated drains and access covers. We also perform essential maintenance to remove blockages and avoid odour issues and backups.
  • Septic tank emptying and cleaning – We offer a regular septic tank emptying service and use high-pressure water jets to keep pipework, tanks and soakaways clean and ensure your tank is in excellent working condition.  
  • CCTV surveys – We also use CCTV technology to identify any faults there may be with your septic tank and find the most appropriate, cost-effective fix.     

The septic tank installation experts

There are a whole host of different factors that need to be considered before a septic tank can be installed. That includes everything from the right size and model of tank to the most appropriate location based on the geology, ground conditions and the wastewater output of your home or business.

Our dedicated team of experienced, highly trained engineers are just as happy taking the lead on your septic tank installation as we are meeting your precise requirements. We can even source and supply the septic tank for you if required to make sure it’s just the right fit.

When it comes to the installation of the tank, we carry out the work responsibly, cost-effectively and with minimal disruption. Every element is performed promptly and professionally, and all of our work is guaranteed.

Septic tank conversions

New regulations have been introduced to improve the quality of water that flows into local watercourses. It used to be that wastewater from a septic tank could flow through a sealed pipe and straight into the local watercourse. However, if you still own a system that discharges directly to a ditch or watercourse, it must be replaced by 1 January 2020 or you could face a significant fine.

Drain Doctor is a licensed contractor for the UK’s leading septic tank conversion unit. After checking that your septic tank is suitable, our technicians can install a conversion unit that effectively turns your septic tank into a small sewage treatment plant, ensuring it adheres to the new ‘General Binding Rules’. This is a less expensive option than installing a new drainage field or septic tank, and also involves far less digging and disruption.

With no callout charges and all costs provided upfront, Drain Doctor should be your first port of call for cost-effective septic tank installation or conversion. Get in touch to discuss your requirements today.

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