Septic Tank Emptying

Once septic tanks are in place, they tend to be ignored until something goes wrong. The advice from the manufacturers of septic tanks has always been to empty and monitor them regularly so any problems can be identified and fixed early on. Ignoring that advice can lead to deeper rooted problems and even sewage backups that are expensive, potentially dangerous and require serious work to fix.

Why do septic tanks need to be emptied?

Septic tank emptying, which is performed by vacuum pumping, is essential to keep your septic tank in proper working condition. A septic tank does not treat the waste that flows into it; instead, it separates the waste out into three separate layers. Of those layers, the wastewater leaves the septic tank and flows out into the soakaway drainage field. The other two layers, the ‘scum’ and ‘sludge’, are more solid. They remain in the tank and have to be emptied at regular intervals so the tank doesn’t overflow.

What happens if you don’t empty your septic tank regularly?

Failing to empty your septic tank when it’s required will lead to a number of different problems. That includes:

  • A pungent and unwelcome smell
  • Gurgling pipes
  • Toilets taking longer to flush
  • Waste backing up into your property
  • Waste pooling above the soakaway field

How often should your septic tank be emptied?

This will depend on the type and size of tank you have installed and the number of people living in your property. For example, if a home has been extended to accommodate more people, but the septic tank has not been updated, it will need to be emptied more frequently.

On the other hand, your septic tank will not need to be emptied so often if you have a large tank that’s underused. However, generally speaking, septic tank emptying should be performed once a year. We will be able to inform you if that is too often or too infrequent when we come to empty your tank.

How do we clean your septic tank?

We will send one of our septic tank emptying vehicles to your property and use vacuum pumping technology to empty all the waste from your tank. We then take it away and dispose of it in a safe, hygienic and environmentally-friendly way.

Our experienced, highly trained team carry the appropriate waste disposal licence from the Environment Agency and work quickly, professionally and cost-effectively to empty your septic tank for the best possible price. Get in touch today to book a visit from our expert team or call our emergency number for immediate assistance.

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