Rain, rain go away!

As we continue to get extraordinary amounts of rain, main drains are struggling to cope. Cambridge became the latest victim over the weekend, with the people of Rutherford Road, Trumpington, stranded as the road became a river.

Water rose to levels which were no longer safe to cycle or drive in and remained this way for a good number of hours. Several residents were stuck in their homes whilst others took to paddling their way to work today rather than using their bikes or cars.

The issue is that the main storm sewers just cannot cope with the heavy deluges of rain that the country has seen. The water backs up and finds its way to wherever it can rest. However, during the period of heavy rain much debris, such as fallen leaves, twigs and rubbish is taken into the drain with the water.

This is where high pressure jetting comes into its own. The jetting helps clear the drains of any local blockages, helping to move the water down into the main drainage systems.

Homeowners can have similar problems with local blockages in their own drains caused by excess waste being pushed down guttering or picked up from paved areas. The solution is similar, too – Drain Doctor can bring the same high pressure jetting system to your home and property, saving you potentially costly damage from sitting water.