Recent rain causes chaos

The recent heavy rain and flash floods caused chaos in some parts of the UK. Portslade, near Hove, West Sussex suffered when over a month’s worth of rain fell in a matter of minutes. Gutters and drains overflowed as water swirled two feet deep in the street, flooding cars and causing wheelie bins to float along the roads.

Drains just cannot manage that volume of rainfall in one go, so flooding and blocked drains are inevitable. The after effects can be messy too as home owners find their own drains blocked by silt or waste which has been pushed into the water flow.

This localised rain can be incredibly forceful, yet a mile away the streets stayed dry. However, it can cause problems around a reasonable distance.

If you are in an area affected by flash flooding through this summer, make sure you visually check your house drains. If they are silted up, talk to our experts at Drain Doctor who can help.