Summer Drain Maintenance: Everything You Need to Know

You might think the summer is the one season when your drains can enjoy a well-earned rest, but with South Yorkshire’s unpredictable weather to contend with, including everything from heatwaves to thunderstorms, that’s simply not the case. That’s why you must take summer drain maintenance and clearance seriously, to enable your drains to deal with the inevitable deluge and to prepare them for the winter months ahead.

Common Summer Drainage Issues

There are a number of drainage issues you could fall foul of this summer without professional drain maintenance, clearance and repair:

Unpleasant odours

Is there anything worse than smelly drains on a hot summer’s day? The hot weather creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mould, which is why smelly drains are such a common problem in the summer. Thorough and regular drain maintenance will remove the bacteria and mould to prevent odours and blockages that could do serious damage to your pipes.

Falling debris

Windy and stormy weather during the summer months can lead to the accumulation of fallen leaves, twigs and other debris that will block your guttering and wreak havoc with your drains. All that debris prevents excess rainwater from draining away properly, potentially leading to overflowing drains and floods.


After long spells of dry weather, a large amount of rainwater flowing into a dried out and blocked drain can easily cause a flood. The early summer is the perfect time for preventative drain and sewer maintenance to ensure your drains can cope with the downpours to come.

Summer Drain Maintenance Tips

There are a number of simple tips you can follow to keep your drains in the best possible condition this summer:

Know what not to flush

So many of the drain blockages in South Yorkshire are inadvertently caused by homeowners and businesses themselves. Toiletries, cotton buds, wet wipes, hair and food waste are commonly flushed down the toilet or poured down the sink, causing stubborn obstructions that will block your drains. Here’s more about how to avoid common drain blockages.

Clear drains of twigs and leaves

Dead leaves, grass cuttings and twigs that are left to accumulate are a common cause of drain blockages. Sweeping up garden debris before it ends up in your drains, clearing your guttering regularly and having an appropriately sized grate on your drain entrance will all help to reduce garden debris.

Switch off your water mains

Even a small vulnerability or leak can cause serious problems during your summer trip away. Switching off your water mains will help you avoid drain damage and the subsequent impact on your property.

Summer Drain Maintenance from Drain Doctor

There are many reasons why the summer is a great time to schedule your drain maintenance, clearance and repair.

The better weather makes the process of checking your drains faster and easier, which can reduce your costs. The cold, wet winters can also wreak havoc with your drains. So, when summer comes around, it’s a great time to check for and fix any damage before the heatwaves and thunderstorms hit and the wintery weather returns.

Around-the-clock assistance

Whatever drainage issues you’re experiencing, Drain Doctor South Yorkshire provides a full range of drain maintenance and repair services to get your drains summer-ready. That includes drain unblocking, high-pressure water jetting, cured-in-place pipe repairs (CIPP), gully cleaning and more. Get in touch to discuss your requirements with our team today.