Preparing Your Drains for the Busy Festive Season

Christmas is one of the busiest periods for the hospitality industry. Hotels, restaurants and pubs rely on their drains, toilets and grease traps to function properly so they can operate at full capacity. With the festive season almost upon us, it makes sense to check that your drains are ship-shape now, so you can avoid any unnecessary disruption and give your customers the exceptional service they deserve.

What drainage issues could you face this Christmas?

At this time of year, customers want to spend time with their friends and family without any unnecessary disruption, particularly when they’re paying for the privilege. If anything jeopardises that, it could damage your reputation and do serious harm to your business. That’s why keeping drains and sewers out of sight, out of mind and out of the noses of your customers is an absolute must.

There are several potential problems that you’ll need to stay on top of this Christmas:

  • Grease – Grease is one of the biggest potential problems pubs, restaurants and hotels will encounter this Christmas. Cooking all that meat and catering for large parties will produce a mountain of fat, oil and grease that could end up down the sink if you don’t take the necessary precautions. The result could be a dreaded ‘fatberg’ and drain and sewer problems throughout the building and beyond.

  • Sinks – Hopefully you have food filters and grease traps to keep your kitchen sinks free from food debris, but what about your bathroom sinks? After a few too many Christmas drinks, busy bathroom sinks can all too easily become blocked and things can quickly get messy.

  • Toilets and urinals – You might provide all the bathroom facilities your customers need, such as specific disposal units for feminine hygiene products, nappies and baby wipes, but you have very little control over whether your customers actually use them. Urinals can also become blocked by the build-up of limescale and uric salts in urinal traps and waste pipes, or even the chewing gum, food and other waste that customers try to put down them.

How can Drain Doctor help this Christmas?

Drain Doctor provides a range of commercial services for pubs and restaurants to keep your drains at their festive best. That includes:

  • Urinal unblocking – Our professional team use specialist electro-mechanical equipment to remove limescale, salt and other waste from inside the main pipework, soil stack and waste trap to keep your urinals blockage free.

  • CCTV drain surveys – A CCTV drain survey is the quickest and most cost-effective way to check that your drains are ready for everything they’ll have to handle over the festive season. If not, we use drain jetting, mechanical cutting heads and cured-in-place pipe repairs (CIPP) to get them back to their best.

  • Grease traps – We install, maintain and clean grease traps to make sure your pub, restaurant and hotel stays blockage free and on the right side of the Environment Agency this Christmas.

  • Planned Preventative Maintenance – Plumbing and drainage problems that are allowed to develop could disrupt your business during the busy festive period. We provide regular programmes of planned preventative maintenance (PPM) to identify potential issues before they become a problem.

Don’t get caught out this festive period

Make sure there’s nothing that can get in the way of your business this Christmas. Get in touch to book a survey with one of our drainage technicians or call our Suffolk team for emergency, 24/7 drain unblocking assistance.