What an amazing week!

Three of our franchisees had an amazing week recently, reaching personal bests with their businesses. Harjinder Singh, London East, Oonagh and David Grainger, Watford and Juan and Yvonne Muntaner, Peterborough all celebrated a great week!

This was a first personal best for Harjinder Singh in his East London area. This is a new team so it was fantastic for Harjinder to reach this milestone so early on. His success came from a mix of jobs from national account and locally sourced work, including working at a local school where they cleared all the drains and gutters ready for the winter.

Oonagh and David Grainer from the Watford franchise undertook a drain clearage job in a local large house and their operations manager, Gareth Franklin certainly got four yes’s! Nothing more needs to be said about this, other than it certainly had the X-factor!

Super-tech Daniel Fraser from Juan and Yvonne Muntaner’s Peterborough business gets a special mention this week. By always using a camera to investigate drain problems he is finding and fixing problems with record efficiency. Most recently, drain problems found and fixed included two schools in nearby Bourne.