Why summer is an idea time to do drain maintenance.

While you would expect to see reminders and advice about maintaining and servicing your drains in the autumn, summer is an ideal time to have drain repairs and maintenance work done.

Whether you own a business or are a home owner – scheduling your drain maintenance in the summer means the work can often be done more quickly with less hassle as it avoids any disruptions from the weather.

One of the best ways of identifying and organising your work is to arrange a CCTV survey. A Drain Doctor CCTV survey offers the opportunity to quickly and easily identify potential problems without the need to dig up any pipework.

Here are some of the common issues we have identified which can be quickly resolved following a CCTV survey and without too much disruption:

•    remove blockages – fallen leaves and debris accumulation
•    ensure any damage from winter freezing or flooding is repaired
•    prevent any health and pest problems which could escalate over the warmer summer months

Regular maintenance will stop long term problems in your property which could result in un-wanted disruptions to your business and damage to your home.