We provide local, professional commercial CCTV drain inspections

Drain Doctor provides commercial clients with CCTV drain inspection services, enabling the team to deliver a clear picture of everything going on underground with the drains, sewer network or septic tanks. Useful for identifying blockages, drain damage and defects quickly, CCTV drain inspections are also helpful in gathering information on subsidence, establishing drainage mapping and for pre-build and pre-purchase surveys.

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Commercial CCTV Services

Equipped with professional drain inspection cameras, the Drain Doctor team are on hand to help commercial clients with comprehensive CCTV services.

Drain Survey

Drainage issues, including blocked chambers, require investigation and our drain inspection cameras and CCTV service is the first step towards resolving the problem. Our engineers will send a specialist camera into the drain to conduct a CCTV inspection and locate the leak, blockage or damage before compiling a report on the next steps.

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Pre-Purchase Survey

Our commercial CCTV drain survey involves a drain inspection to investigate the state of the drainage and sewage network before the purchase of a property. Landlords also utilise our CCTV surveys ahead of letting a property to make sure the drains are in good shape for the tenant and to prevent disputes later down the line.

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Pre-Build Survey

Commercial clients are able to rely on Drain Doctor to deliver comprehensive pre-build drainage surveys using our CCTV equipment and expertise ahead of building work. We interpret the footage and report back ready for our clients to proceed with confidence.

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Drainage Mapping

We curate maps of drains and sewers for commercial clients to help them understand the infrastructure of a drainage system and who is responsible for different areas. We deliver detailed drain analysis using our professional CCTV equipment to survey and map drainage pipes and sewage networks; in some circumstances, we may also recommend a 3D drainage survey.

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Flood Investigation

Drain Doctor engineers use CCTV technology to help establish the cause of a flood and to trace back to the exact source of the problem. Using advanced CCTV drainage camera systems, we identify the issue and put together a plan to resolve it quickly and efficiently.

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CCTV for Guttering

Drain Doctor customers are able to view footage of cleaned gutters from the CCTV camera built onto the boom used to remove debris. We use the CCTV to highlight any maintenance issues so we can fix them and get the guttering working correctly, helping to protect your property.

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