We provide local, professional commercial PPM solutions

Avoid drainage and plumbing problems with a programme of planned preventative maintenance, keeping the property infrastructure in great condition. A blocked drain, leaking gutters or poor drainage can cause significant problems and time-consuming repairs, not to mention it could lead to business disruption. Be prepared by arranging a bespoke PPM agreement with Drain Doctor that aligns with your business requirements.

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PPM/Maintenance Services

Minimise drainage disruption and reduce risk with a preventive maintenance schedule.


Drainage problems can escalate quickly, causing damage to walls, floors while also creating mould and electrical faults. Routine checks of drainage infrastructure will give you the knowledge that the drains are in great condition, safeguarding the health and safety of employees, residents or visitors to the property.

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Plumbing preventative maintenance ensures the pipework in a building is looked after, including toilet and urinal pipes. Meet health and safety legislation, manage property infrastructure, eradicate downtime, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with plumbing PPM.

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FOGs (Fat, Oil & Grease)

Modern commercial kitchens are required to utilise a grease trap in order to prevent FOG’s entering the wastewater system and help to eliminate ‘fatbergs’ in the sewage networks. Drain Doctor supplies, installs and maintains grease trap solutions in a way which suits the requirements of your business.

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Are you looking for an all in one drainage maintenance service? Drain Doctor designs and implements PPM programmes for clients to manage pipework, internal and external drains, guttering, septic tanks, sewage treatment plants and soakaways, providing clients with effective professional solutions.

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Septic Tanks

Managing sewage correctly is imperative, with the periodic removal of waste solids critical to enable a septic tank to function efficiently. Our engineers make repairs to septic tanks and the accompanying drainage systems to prevent blockages and odour issues.

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Clean water and wastewater pumps are becoming more critical than ever, with increased flooding throughout the UK every winter. For businesses and residential properties, maintaining pumps and anti-flood valves is imperative so that they are reliable when it matters most.

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A regular gutter clearing service reduces the likelihood of damage. Emptying gutters of leaves and debris prevents more significant issues with the surrounding downspouts, roof and wider property. Frequent inspection will leave the building prepared to handle the worst of the weather and allow us to make immediate repairs if required.

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