From routine planned maintenance to emergency call-outs, Drain Doctor offers a first-rate service to housing associations around the country, ensuring that your tenants’ drains are always in excellent condition.

Blocked and leaking pipes can cause no end of problems if they aren’t dealt with quickly, potentially leading to unpleasant smells, subsidence and even flooding. Drain Doctor’s team of experts offer reliable and efficient coverage 24 hours a day, allowing you and your tenants to rest assured you’re in capable hands.


CCTV Drain Surveys

Drain Doctor’s comprehensive drain unblocking service begins with a CCTV drain survey, which allows our technicians to see inside your drains without resorting to expensive and unnecessary digging work. We employ sophisticated camera technology to identify blockages or damage inside your pipes, allowing you to act quickly to ensure the problem doesn’t deteriorate further – potentially saving you money on costly repair bills.

Upon completion of the CCTV drain inspection, we provide a detailed report of everything that was found, our recommended course of action and how much it will cost to fix.


Sewer Maintenance

Maintaining healthy and operational sewers is essential for housing associations, protecting your tenants from the hassle and expense of backed-up sewers. Sewage pipes can become clogged during periods of heavy rain, but Drain Doctor’s dedicated team use high-pressure water jets to remove blockages quickly and easily without causing damage to the sewer walls, ensuring they will be free flowing again with a minimum of delay.


Blocked Drains

Housing associations are generally responsible for the drains on their premises, and are expected to ensure they are clear and fully functional for their clients. Unfortunately, drains can easily become clogged over time by tree roots, encrustations and other detritus, potentially leading to flooding if not dealt with promptly.

Our team use a combination of high-pressure water jets and rotary mechanical cutting heads to make light work of even the most stubborn of drain blockages – so whether your tenants are suffering with a slow-draining toilet or a leaking tap, we’re on hand to ensure they won’t be left stranded.

At Drain Doctor, we pride ourselves on providing effective plumbing and drain clearance at reasonable prices. We have years of experience working alongside housing associations to ensure the highest possible standards of service are met, and our team are available 24 hours a day – so if you’re in need of support, give us a call today.

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