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Professional Sewage Treatment & Septic Tank Services

At Drain Doctor, we are experienced in installing, maintaining and emptying all types of sewage systems including septic tanks, sewage treatment plants and cesspits. From sewage treatment plants to tank emptying, we provide a leading range of commercial and residential plant and tank services across the UK.

Our qualified local engineers are experts in delivering septic tank services and are on hand to help professionally manage your waste.

Our Septic Tank Services 

For all septic tank treatment plant projects and tanker services, we work closely with the client to understand the exact requirements and offer a full service to deliver a tailored solution. We install plants and septic tanks from all the leading manufacturers and offer advice based on the most effective solution for your home, business or facility.

Drain Doctor can help with:

  • Septic Tank Emptying
  • Cesspits
  • Septic Tanks
  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Soakaways and Drainage Fields
  • Rainwater Harvesting

We install treatment plants, empty septic tanks, manage wastewater projects and handle the upkeep of septic tanks and soakaways. With no call-out charges and 24/7 emergency support, why not give Drain Doctor a call today?

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Regular Septic Tank Emptying Services

Best practice for septic tanks is to empty and monitor them regularly to keep on top of any potential problems. Failing to schedule regular maintenance may result in sewage backups, which are unpleasant and potentially dangerous. Drain Doctor has the experience and septic tank emptying equipment to handle the whole process from installation to the regular maintenance of septic tanks, ensuring clients don’t have to endure pungent smells, gurgling pipes, slow flushing toilets and waste backup.

Professional septic tank emptying also ensures that your waste is collected without causing undue damage to the environment.

Cesspit Emptying, Maintenance and Installation

If a property is unable to connect to the mains sewers there are multiple solutions available including a cesspit, where sewage is held in a tank. Cesspit installation consists of a cylindrical chamber of around 1 metre in diameter that’s placed 2-3 metres underground. Cesspits are designed to hold 45 days’ worth of wastewater and are fitted with an alarm to alert when it requires emptying

Drain Doctor manage cesspits for clients to ensure they are emptied, maintained, and issues such as clogged pipes are prevented.


Specialists in Septic Tanks

As septic tank specialists, Drain Doctor provide a full range of tanker services to help handle wastewater. Septic tank emptying is a specialist service that requires the knowledge and expertise of a professional team. Drain Doctor has provided septic tank services including installation and maintenance for a number of years across the UK.

Septic tank installation – We design and install new septic tank systems, and offer advice on the most appropriate size and location for your tank. Septic tanks are an essential wastewater management option for properties in rural locations or that are unable to connect to the public sewer system.

Septic tank maintenance – Our engineers make repairs to existing septic tanks, associated drains and access covers. We perform essential septic tank maintenance services to remove blockages and avoid odour issues.

Septic tank emptying and cleaning – regular septic tank emptying and the use of high-pressure water jets to keep pipework, tanks and soakaways clean are essential to ensure the longevity of a septic tank.


Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage treatment plants are able to serve more than one property. The installation of a sewage treatment plant provides a long-term solution to many drainage disposal problems, especially where access to mains drainage is not possible, and a septic tank will not meet the requirements.

Septic Tank Soakaways and Drainage Fields

Soakaways are underground and used to dispose of excess rainwater or the wastewater that flows into a septic tank. Solid materials are kept inside a septic tank while the soakaway system allows wastewater to percolate back into the earth. Drain Doctor engineers have years of experience designing, installing and maintaining septic tank soakaway drainage systems for residential and commercial buildings.

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