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December 2022

10 Signs You Need a Plumber

10 Signs You Need a Plumber

Plumbing has an important job when it comes to keeping your home or business operating normally, but what do you do if plumbing emergencies occur?

Here are 10 signs that you need to call a plumber.


1. No water

No water can be down to a leak in one of the pipes. Most pipes are either behind walls or underground, so it’s best give us a call and we’ll be able to help identify the problem and fix the issue fast.


2. Unusually high water bill

If your water bill is unexpectantly high, this can be down to a hidden water leak. Locating this leak can be hard, therefore you’ll want to have a one of our professional engineers take a look, to determine exactly where the leak is and resolve the issue quickly.


3. Frozen pipes

Frozen pipes are normally faced with the possibility of cracking or even bursting, therefore it’s good to identify the signs you have frozen pipes. These signs include:

Lack of or no running water

Frost is showing on the pipework

Check your outdoor thermometer to check if freezing point of 32 degrees has been reached

If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to give us a call.


4. Slow drainage

Slow draining sinks, showers or bathtubs can be caused from the build-up of debris over time. You can attempt to clear the clog yourself with or without a plunger, however trying too hard to release the clog may lead to more pipe damage, so it’s advisable to contact us.


5. Low water pressure

A drop in water pressure is one of the more apparent signs that your plumbing system isn’t working as it should be and is most probably caused by a leak or a clog. The more severe the leak or clog, then the more water pressure you’ll lose. If you notice you have a water pressure problem, it’s time to give us a call.


6. Gurgling noise

If you notice a gurgling sound or other odd noise coming from your kitchen sink or toilet, this can be a sign that something is preventing water or air from flowing through your drains, which if left untreated, can cause flooding. To resolve the issue fast, contact our team and we will organise a local engineer to evaluate and fix the problem.


7. Unpleasant smell from plughole

If you experience a sewage or rotten eggs smell at home or in the office, this can be an indication that you have a broken vent or sewer pipe. Whenever you smell something wrong, it’s best to contact us and we’ll be able to sort the problem for you.


8. Constantly flushing toilet

If your toilet starts running and doesn’t stop after the normal flush cycle, this can mean the float cup is positioned at the incorrect height, the chain on the toilet flapper has an issue, or the flapper seal or fill valve needs replacing. You can try fixing the problem yourself, however if this doesn’t work, it’s advisable to contact us and we’ll be able to assist.


9. Water stains on ceiling

One of the most obvious signs of ceiling water damage is water stains. These stains can range in color from light brown to yellow, and they are usually circular or oval in shape. If you see any water stains on your ceiling, it is important to investigate the source of the leak and have it repaired as soon as possible. 


10. Dripping tap

If your taps are dripping, the washers or seals in your taps are worn out and need replacing. A dripping tap can waste a lot of water, so it's important to get it fixed.


If you experience any of these issues, then simply call us on 0800 707 172 and we’ll be with you in no time to fix the problem.