7 of the Scariest Things Found Blocking Drains

We all love a good scare at Halloween, it’s a time to crack out your best horror movies and get your costume sorted for trick or treating. But in the drainage profession, we get some fairly big scares all year round. Here are some of the scariest things found blocking drains over the years…

1. A ‘Fatberg’

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Earlier this year in a drain in Mill Lane in Cardiff, a 6ft wide ‘fatberg’ was found blocking the sewer. In an area known as one of Britain’s busiest partying streets, the fatberg was seemingly a result of a buildup of fat and waste, and described as looking “like Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars mixed with a rancid mountain of lard.” Nice.

2. A Six-Foot Python

Python found in toilet

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Scared of snakes? You soon would be if a six-foot python appeared in the bowl of your toilet. And that’s exactly what happened to a poor guy in Australia, who when going to use the toilet on the tenth floor of his apartment block was greeted by the huge reptile chilling out in the bowl. The snake had spent some time living in the drain beforehand.

3. Tattooed Body Parts

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Yep, you’re reading it correctly. Back in 2012, construction workers in Detroit found numerous human remains in the sewerage system. The body parts had been cut with some precision, and many of them still had tattoos visible. Yuck.

4. An Alligator

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Alligators in the drains are quite a common myth in the United States, but it does seem there is at least some truth to it, at least in New York. One of the most well known of these tales comes from all the way back in 1935, when Teddy May, New York’s Superintendent of Sewers, witnessed a large number of Alligators (about 2 feet long each) living in the pipes below the city. Recent evidence suggests that there is at least some truth in the story.

5. A REALLY Big Pig

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Ever heard the one about the Black Swine of London? No. Well, back in the 1800s, a bizarre story was circulating around London that the sewer was inhabited by a family of large black pigs. The story went that a pregnant sow somehow got stuck in the sewer and lived on a constant diet of offal and garbage. More stories emerged throughout the 19th century regarding reports of sightings of very large black pigs lurking in the sewers.

6. Giant Spiders

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Japan’s capital city, Tokyo has had some fascinating stories about animals living in the sewers underneath the city, but none are perhaps so frightening as that of the giant spiders that supposedly live down there. In the 1970s, Tokyo utilities workers reported of a giant spiders web, which was home to fully grown rats and cockroaches, they could only speculate at the size of the spider that would have inhabited the web.

7. The ‘Sewer Creature’

Perhaps the most infamous sewer find is that of the ‘Sewer Creature’ found in Raleigh, North Carolina. The strange footage has led to some fairly outlandish theories regarding the weird-looking creature. However, the hype surrounding the creatures died down when it was revealed by city officials in Raleigh, North Carolina that the creature was in fact a colony of tubifex worms.

Has that got you in the mood for Halloween? Good. Not everything that blocks drains has to be scary for it to be a nightmare, just be careful what you flush down the toilet! To discuss how Drain Doctor CNW can help with your drains, plumbing or any of our other services, get in touch today.