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If you’re experiencing any of the tell-tale signs of an issue with your drains, such as foul odours, blocked sinks or a flooded dishwasher or washing machine, a CCTV drain survey is the most cost-effective way to diagnose the problem. Rather than having to dig any holes or trenches, we simply send a state-of-the-art CCTV camera down into the drainage system to identify and locate blockages, leaks or other damage that requires repair.

We then compile a CCTV drain survey report that details what the problem is, how it’s been caused and where it’s located. We’ll also recommend the most appropriate and economical fix along with full costings to get your drains flowing freely once again.

What type of issues can a CCTV drainage survey find?

There are a number of different issues that can cause havoc with your drains. That ranges from the easy to solve, such as blockages or scale build-up, to much more serious problems such as collapsed drains or pipes. Whatever the issue, a drain survey is the quick, non-invasive and cost-effective way to detect problems, which is why it should always be the starting point for any drain repair.

CCTV drainage surveys will identify the following:

  • Blockages
  • Leaks
  • Displaced joints
  • Minor and major tree root ingress
  • Corrosion
  • Wear and tear
  • Cracked and collapsed drains
  • Scale build up
  • Signs of poor installation or displacement

How do we conduct a CCTV drain survey?

When you book a Drain Doctor CCTV survey, our engineers will arrive at your home or business in a branded van containing all the high-tech equipment we need. That includes waterproof push rod cameras to push through your system, and remote crawlers that give us visual access to obstructed or damaged pipes. We also use sonar surveys to give us a clear idea of the condition of pipes that are full of water.

The first step of the process is to gain access to your drains. One of our engineers will then insert the most suitable camera for the drain type, which will feedback real-time footage to the engineer above ground. They will then create the CCTV drain survey report, which will include recommendations for the repair. The issues can then be resolved immediately or a later date depending on the fix and your time constraints.

How else can we help?

We can also conduct CCTV drain surveys as part of a property purchase or sale, pre-tenancy drain surveys and build over surveys.

  • Homebuyer and vendor drain surveys

We conduct a survey of a property you plan to buy to make sure there aren’t any existing issues with the drains that could lead to serious problems further down the line. We also conduct CCTV drainage surveys for vendors to ensure your sale isn’t delayed by damaged drains.

  • Pre-tenancy drain surveys

As the landlord of a rental property, it’s your job to ensure the drains, waste pipes and sewers are in good condition when the property is let. A pre-tenancy survey could also be used to help prove that any damage incurred after a pre-tenancy drain survey has been caused by the tenant. That can prevent disputes and reduce your costs.   

  • Build over surveys

Build over surveys are carried out before and after building work. If you’re planning an extension on your existing property, the water authority will insist you carry out a CCTV drainage survey if building work is to take place over or near their pipes.

Please get in touch with the experienced team at Drain Doctor to arrange your CCTV drainage survey today.

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