Commercial & Domestic Drain Excavation

Although it’s quite rare, some domestic and commercial properties can suffer from severe drainage problems that are so serious the only solution is to excavate the drain. This type of damage can be caused by anything from ground movements and flooding to surface works and major root ingress that diminishes the structural integrity of the pipework.

What’s involved in a drain excavation?

At Drain Doctor, the first stage of any drain repair is always to carry out a CCTV drain survey. That will provide more information about the damage done, its location and the access available so we can determine the most appropriate and cost-effective fix. Drain excavation is a complex process that takes much longer than in-situ repairs, so we do try to avoid it if possible. However, there may be no other option in some cases.

To start the process, we will dig a hole or trench to expose the pipes that need repairing. This will either be completed manually or using a small excavator. We can then replace the damaged pipe and refill the trench in a like-for-like manner to reduce the risk of subsidence.

When is a drain excavation necessary?

We only carry out drain excavations in cases where the damage cannot be repaired by other means. An excavation may need to take place if:

  • A simple repair or drain clean is not enough
  • The drain or pipe is old and in poor condition
  • The drain or pipe has collapsed
  • There are multiple leaks

Why you need an expert team

As mentioned, drain excavation is a complex and potentially risky process. Once our experienced engineers have established that it’s the only appropriate course of action, we will provide you with a proposal of our work and the full costs so there won’t be any nasty surprises further down the line.

Correct pre-excavation diagnosis and knowing exactly where the damaged pipes are is essential to a prompt and cost-effective repair. The damaged pipe may also be in close proximity to other services such as water and gas, so it’s essential you work with a highly trained, certified team with many years’ experience of full excavations.  

At Drain Doctor, we have the know-how, specialist equipment and expert engineers to perform a drain excavation with minimal disruption, while keeping your costs down. Get in touch to discuss your drainage problems today.

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