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Colchester, certainly in existence by 79AD, may well be the oldest town in Britain. Thankfully the drains aren’t that old! However, its long history suggests that the drainage system is of different ages in different places. Old drains tend to clog up and have other problems more frequently than modern ones. If you do have a problem with slow or blocked drains, or notice some of the symptoms like bad smells and gurgling, one of our local drain technicians will be on hand to help anytime.

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Colchester Emergency Plumbers

Is your toilet not flushing properly, your sink draining slowly or you just can’t get rid of that bad-smelling plughole? Drain Doctor’s emergency plumbing team are available any time, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to solve all of your emergency plumbing woes.

CCTV Drain Surveys in Colchester

Thanks to our high-tech CCTV Drain Survey cameras, we can diagnose any drainage or plumbing problem without the need for disruptive investigation or digging up pipes. This means we can diagnose the problem, provide a free quote and agree on any costs before we complete the work, leaving you free of any nasty bills.

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If you’ve got a leak which you need to be fixed fast, then you need to call a plumber you can count on. Drain Doctor plumbers don’t have call-out charges and are committed to fixing that leak or getting that blockage moving in no time at all.

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