The Benefits of Regular Drain Cleaning

Pete at client unblocking drain

Most homeowners only worry about their drains when they become blocked or the house starts to smell a bit. However, there are numerous benefits to giving the drains a good clean as part of your regular household routine. Not only can it prevent the occurrence of blockages and unsavoury smells, but it may also save you a lot of time and inconvenience  in the long run. Let’s delve a little deeper into the reasons for keeping your drains in good shape.

Reduce Blockages

Drain blockages are quite common, but they can lead to more serious issues such as flooding and clogged sewers if they’re not addressed promptly. Of course, prevention is better than cure, which is why giving your drains a regular clean should keep any blockages to a minimum.

Commercial drain cleaning products offer a short-term fix but can erode the sides of drains if used regularly, so it’s better to use a combination of vinegar and baking soda, or a biological cleaning product (such as Drain Doctor’s MSC biological enzyme cleanser) which is less harsh on drains. Boiling water and plungers can also be used to remove less stubborn blockages. Alternatively, you could find a local plumber to carry out a professional clean on a regular basis.

Prevent Leaks

A steady build-up of chemicals inside a drain pipe can lead to corrosion, resulting in leakages if left untreated. Corroded pipes will develop holes, allowing water to seep through and cause damp and other water damage to a property. This doesn’t only make for an unsafe living environment, but it could also lead to significant costs if the corroded pipes ultimately need replacing. All the more reason for maintaining the cleanliness of your drains.

Eliminate Odours

Foul smells in a home usually emanate from the toilet, but a build-up of mould and bacteria in the drains can also create an unsavoury odour. Mould thrives in damp, dark environments, and there aren’t many places as damp and dark as your drains. To keep your home free from nasty smells, it’s worth cleaning your drains once or twice a month using any of the methods outlined above.

Faster Drainage

One of the first signs of a blocked drain is a slow-draining sink. Failing to clean your drains regularly will allow substances to build up in your pipes, limiting the space that water has to flow through them. As a result, you will start to notice water draining away at a slower rate than usual, eventually leading to an overflow or backflow when the drain becomes fully clogged. A backflow of water can lead to contamination, so it’s important to keep your drains clean and ensure a smooth flow of water at all times.

Also remember not to put Fat, Oil and Grease down your sink as this will build up over time requiring the services of a professional drainage company to clear the blockage.

Protect Your Home

As alluded to above, leaks and backflows of water can quickly escalate into something a lot more serious, such as water flowing freely into your house and ruining floors, carpets and furniture – not to mention entering electrical appliances.

A backflow of wastewater will also lead to bacteria and other harmful chemicals being released into your home, contaminating everything they touch. Repairing the damage or replacing any affected items won’t be cheap, and it may not even be possible to return floors or walls to their previous condition.

Save Money

Given the damage that can result from dirty or blocked drains, a regular cleaning routine is a lot more cost-effective for homeowners than waiting for issues to arise. Hiring a professional company to clean any carpets discoloured by wastewater will be expensive, depending on the scale of the damage, likewise the repair or replacement of drain pipes and furniture.

Keeping Your Drains in Shape

If you’re in need of a professional drain cleaning service, don’t hesitate to contact Drain Doctor. Our team of plumbing and drainage specialists use state-of-the-art technology to ensure your drains are in pristine condition, minimising the chance of blockages. We can also conduct a CCTV drain survey to identify any issues with your drains and carry out the necessary work, saving you additional expense further down the line.