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3D Drain Survey

3D scanning technology allows drain engineers to accurately map to within 1cm the location and dimensions of drain inspection chambers, as well as how high above sea level they are. Much like CCTV drain inspections, specialist cameras are used to examine drains and sewer pipes for drain mapping, subsidence reports, and to complete pre-build and pre-purchase surveys. However, 3D CCTV gives a greater understanding and level of detail with the use of precise cameras.

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How to Book a 3D Drain Survey

Available for use at commercial and domestic properties, give us a call to book in an engineer to come and assess the drainage at your property using our innovative camera technology.      

Drain Doctor can help with:

  • CCTV Drain Surveys
  • Blocked Drains
  • Drain Repair
  • PPM
  • Septic Tanks
  • Guttering 

Drain Doctor provides a leading range of drainage and plumbing services to organisations and businesses. Our professional and transparent approach has helped us become a trusted drainage and plumbing partner for customers across the UK.

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How Does 3D CCTV Drainage Technology Work?

Our local teams have conducted drain surveys for over 25 years, using specialist cameras to examine drain and sewer pipes. We have again updated our equipment and bolstered our service offering with state of the art 3D mapping tools.

CCTV drain surveys are the best way to inspect drainage systems and help identify a variety of issues without the need to dig up the ground, which can be very disruptive.

The 3D scanning technology allows our expert drainage engineers to map the location and dimensions of each inspection chamber. This data is fed into our drain survey reporting software, where each chamber is given a unique reference that can be plotted onto map tiles.

Once we’ve captured the 3D inspection chamber images and plotted them, we conduct a full survey of all the interlinking pipes and drains that feed off the inspection chambers below ground.

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Benefits of 3D Drain Surveying

Much like CCTV drain surveys, our 3D drain mapping service can identify problems with:

  • Tree roots, blockages and other debris
  • Cracked drains, leaks and burst pipes
  • Oil, fat and grease build-ups
  • Ground movement and subsidence

The main benefit of a 3D drain survey is that problems, which are not obvious from above ground, get diagnosed quickly and accurately, causing minimal disruption. What’s more, if any problem is detected, then Drain Doctor’s trained technicians will be able to offer advice on the next steps for making the repairs and provide a free quote for the job.

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