Why You Shouldn’t Unblock Drains Yourself

Blocked Drain With Timber in Luton

Location: Luton

Job: Blocked Drains & Overflowing Sewerage

Action: Blocked drains are something that most of us will encounter at some time or another. Aside from being an inconvenience occurring at the worst of times; preventing you from flushing the loo, taking a shower, or doing your washing; in some cases, you can end up with overflowing sewerage which can make its way onto your driveway or garden.

So, what should you do?

Call The Blocked Drain Specialists

Even though it’s tempting, we really would not suggest attempting to clear the problem yourself. Things can go from bad to worse very quickly if you are not an expert in this field, being a DIY hobbyist doesn’t count!

For example, we recently had a call out in Luton from a customer who had tried to clear a blocked drain over the weekend. Everything they tried just didn’t work to dislodge the blockage, and the problem which started small has escalated to a river of sewerage and water running across the patio and onto the lawn. The family weren’t entirely happy! So, they gave us a call to arrange the most convenient time for us to carry out some investigation work.

Within an hour of arriving at the property, we had restored the flow and reduced the blockage and had started to explore the drains internally to identify the cause of the problems. The pipe had roots growing inside it, which was causing the waste to snag and back up. With every flush, every shower, and every wash, the blockage was being increased.

However, this was not the only problem we could see.

We asked the customers to come and have a look, and rather sheepishly they came over… to see a piece of wood standing vertical in the drain! Apparently in their attempts to clear the blockage a piece of timber was used and had snapped in half!

Fortunately, we did retrieve the pieces of timber, cut the roots out of the pipe and then repair the pipes. The family were relieved to be able to go about their day as normal, although all pieces of timber were removed from the shed to avoid this happening again!

In our experience it never pays off to prod around your drains with a stick, instead, call the professionals at Drain Doctor Luton & Drain Doctor Harlow!

Broken Timber From Inside Drain in Luton