Unusual Blockage In A Soil Vent Pipe

When you’ve been working in the plumbing and drainage industry for as long as we have nothing really surprises you anymore. So when we received a call from a customer saying that she could here a bird flapping about within the soil vent pipe, we didn’t think twice and mobilised our nearest technician. Within half an hour our technician was on the property and planning how to tackle this situation in the safest way possible.

Not only was the technician planning how to safely remove the bird from the pipe, but also how they could operate responsibly in the customer’s property and maintain a safe distance to the customer.

A hole was made in the SVP just above the toilet to allow for camera access. We inserted our CCTV camera into the pipe and slowly pushed the camera forward to locate the bird and check that it was okay. Here you can see the moment we found the bird, thankfully, it looked safe and uninjured.


We then slowly pushed the bird back up the stack pipe making sure not to cause any damage. The customer managed to grab hold of the bird from the hole we opened up earlier within the property and the bird was safe.

Saved Bird From Peterborough Drain